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  • Pay-For-Performance Incentives In Low- And Middle-Income Country Health Programs
    This chapter surveys experience with performance pay in developing country health programs. It focuses on four key conceptual issues:

    (1) What to reward,
    (2) Who to reward,
    (3) How to reward, and
    (4) What unintended consequences might performance incentives create.
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With the aim of incorporating a comprehensive plan for health in India the Planning Commission of India, under approval by the Prime Minister, constituted the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in October 2010. Themandate was to develop a framework for providing easily accessible and affordable health care to all Indians and suggesting a 10-year strategy going forward. With technical support from the PHFI secretariat, the review process of the HLEG consisted of situational analyses...

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A multi-sectoral approach to dengue control

Health ministry to strengthen basic health care

Lov Verma stress on the need to hike public spending on basic healthcare

Promise of 50 drugs free for all

Insurers want rich to pay more for universal health cover

How and why India must introduce universal healthcare coverage

City hackathon brings new health innovations for mothers and kids

CAMTech India's ''Jugaad-a-thon" spurs promising innovations for maternal and child health

CAMTech INDIA launches 'Jugaad-a-thon' with Glocal Healthcare and GE Healthcare

Advancing Universal Health Coverage in India

WHO to seek Universal Health Coverage in Southeast Asia

Government health schemes aplenty

Now a right to health to be Congress trump card

NASSCOM partners with NATHEALTH to focus on leveraging technology for improving healthcare delivery in India

After polio-free India Pranab Mukherjee wants universal health coverage

Health management cadre in Chhattisgarh soon

CII considers setting up National Health Regulator for universal health coverage

Private doctors to staff Chennai Corporation clinics in evenings

Eighty percent of medicines not covered by price control order

Priority should be women and child health: NHRC

Union Cabinet all set to approve Pharmaceutical Purchase Policy for Central Public Sector Enterprise: Jaipur to get its own Metro

'India needs Rs 1.63 lakh cr investment in healthcare by 2017'

Hospitals out-of-pocket and out of reach

Centre will launch urban health mission soon: Health minister V S Sivakumar

A health scheme for all

Bailing out of the system

Health ministers meet to talk insurance diseases

Initiative to provide Free Generic Medicines in Government Hospitals Approved

Health research is essential for progress towards universal health coverage

Private care?

NAC favours universal health coverage


AfDB facilitates Africa-Asia knowledge exchange on Universal Health Coverage

NAC favours universal health coverage

WHO calls for universal health coverage in India

New Report Highlights Innovative Collaboration for Universal Health Coverage

Rwanda innovates to sustain universal health-care coverage

NAC reprimands govt over health scheme

NAC wants private players to fill gaps in Universal Health Coverage

Frontiers without doctors

NAC proposes new model for universal health coverage

The Health Budget and Neoliberal Ideology

India must protect access to medicine

UHC project: stakeholders discuss implementational plan

India's primary health care needs quick reform

Jaipur: ‘Free’ tag brings more girl out for treatment

'Universal Health Coverage required'

A sturdy model

Can India pull off its ambitious National Health Mission?

Not in the Pink of Health

The Elephant in the room

India's Primary Health Care Needs Quick Reform

UPA’s addition to health budget falls short of requirements

Health for all in small doses?

Not a healthy budget say experts

Feel the nation's pulse

Budget 2013: Bigger role for private sector in Healthcare

Implementing Universal Health Coverage

What Will Universal Health Coverage Actually Cover?

WHO/ World Bank Ministerial-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage

The Doctor Only Knows Economics

Universal Health Coverage: what is it and why does it matter?

World Bank Group : releases 22-country study of universal health coverage

World Bank Group : releases 22-country study of universal health coverage

Healthcare for all through an overhaul

The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies

Moving towards Universal Health Coverage in India

Centre must aid Bihar better healthcare: Dr K Srinath Reddy

Intent to strengthen public sector healthcare is evident

Primary neglect

‘Government must increase health expenditure’

Three-year rural healthcare course to start from next year

Lessons India can learn from China

Side-effects of poor public health

Transforming India’s healthcare

The expanding cover

President Pranab Mukherjee for crafting a high quality national healthcare system

Medical expenses plunge 4 crore into poverty each year: President

Pranab Mukherjee addresses AIIMS 40th convocation

Private hospitals will have to display treatment costs

Health care is more than access to medical services

Prioritise primary health care

Universal health scare

Setting up Universal Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Government to assure not insure health

Plan panel for 200% rise in health ministry outlay

Getting India’s health care system out of the ICU

Patients lose out to patents & profits

Private health care no panacea

Anybody ill here and seen a doctor yet?

Make universal healthcare a reality says Pranab

Guj polls: Congress promises free health for middle class

Health Ministry makes presentation before National Advisory Council on providing universal healthcare

Column: Healthy Mexicans ill Indians

Centre plans more doctors for better healthcare

Ministry disagrees with Plan panel

NAC panel to study report on universal health coverage

Council unhappy over move to reduce allocation to healthcare

NAC forms panel for health plan roll-out

Universal health coverage in India: muddling through the quagmire

NAC meeting tomorrow to discuss National Health Mission

Maharahstra TN account for 36% of sub-standard drugs

Health activists say the health chapter of the Twelfth Plan document exaggerates the role of the private sector in providing health care.

COLUMN - Privatising public healthcare in India one report at a time

Govt Plan panel spar over health projects

Shortage of Doctors

‘Cashless universal healthcare should be the model’

Don’t take the wrong pill

India is showing Canada the way with action on health care

The lack of primary healthcare in India

Too much faith in private healthcare

Health Plan needs political consensus and necessary funding

Montek may rethink healthcare proposal

No plan to corporatise health system: Planning Commission

Experts reject new healthcare proposal

Plan panel wants govt to retreat from healthcare

Universal Health Coverage: Health activists up in arms against Plan panel proposal

Ministry opposes plan to overhaul healthcare

India’s health coverage reaches to provide free medicines for the poor

Govt ready with radical health plan

A cure for all ills

Free supply of essential drugs through hospitals

Health versus wealth

Diagnosis of a prolapse

Big pharma is cut out by India's plan to bring medicine to masses

Healthcare is an Unequal word

Strengthening Human Resources Information Systems—Experiences from Bihar and Jharkhand India

Public health crisis

Now Centre links NRHM funds to performance of states

Doctor in the house

Universal health coverage is the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer says WHO Director-General

Crack the Code of Poor Healthcare

Universal health produces equity

Activists to approach PMO on universal healthcare

Strengthening primary healthcare in India

Healthcare: Do or die

India Supports Universal Health Coverage at 65th World Health Assembly Geneva

For a healthy system

BRICS wants WHO to push universal health coverage

World Health Assembly opens with focus on universal coverage of healthcare

Activists nudge PM for universal healthcare

High Level Expert Group recommends on Universal Health Coverage

High Level Expert Group Recommendations on Universal Health Coverage

The future of health and universal coverage in India: An interview with Dr. Srinath Reddy

Health insurance scheme for the poor a total failure says DMA

12th Plan document only by July: Panel

Patent to plunder

Meeting with Wellcome Trust and PHFI

Pill Talk: Pharma companies need to do more to cure the country of its health care ills

Relief Report

Gadchiroli’s trudging doctors spell hope

National debate needed on universal health coverage

Govt against unethical promotion of drugs

Universal Health Coverage plan stuck PMO likely to step in

The road to universal health care

Need for a booster shot

Prepare health models: PM to Plan panel

‘Better health care needs bold steps’

Public expenditure on health should be hiked from 0.15 to 0.5% of GDP: IIM-A faculty

PM convenes meeting on universal health coverage

New Central scheme to supply free generic drugs

WHO Director-General supports Indian healthcare reform proposal

Govt must act as the guarantor of universal health coverage: Srinath Reddy

NAC to take up expert group’s proposals with health ministry

NAC Recommends Health Insurance for All Indians

NAC discusses universal health coverage

No budgeting for health

Dampener for public health

‘Centre should increase spending on health’

No reflection on universal health coverage: Experts

Health sector allocation up 22%

Dawn of a national health mission?

Planning The Budget

A historic move to make drugs affordable

Harvard school dean all praise for India's public health initiatives

NRHM to soon become National Health Mission

UHC achievable in India: Julio Frenk

President’s Address to the Parliament 2012

Govt drafting laws to target health cover for all

Healthy allocation to cure India's ailment

Universal Health Coverage for India?

Free health-care plan gets PMO push

Budget 2012: Fiscal deficit checks big hike in health allocation

Government to triple spending on health in 12th Five- Year Plan

PM orders more funds for health sector

Health outlay to be increased to 2.5% of GDP

UPA to push for free medicine for all under NRHM

Indian PM Manmohan Singh orders big health care boost

Government Aims High on Health Spending (Yet Again)

Govt plans boost for health care to invest 2.5% of GDP

Contract private firms cap price of services suggests Plan panel

India out of WHO's polio endemic list

Manmohan stresses on cashless outpatient care in public hospitals

Universal healthcare plan may be nixed

Just as we dismantle our NHS India is trying to build theirs

Regulating hospitals is healthy

PMO push for free drugs at govt hospitals

Medicines for all' plan gets PMO thumbs up: 30 000cr For Free Drugs In Govt Hospitals

Miserly hike in outlay to hit health plans

In Brazil doctors in rural areas get higher salary

Needed: Health coverage to one and all in India

Plan panel seeks free medicines for all

Portable health cover roll out soon

Medicines for all

Five Ways to Improve Indian Health Care

Bringing state back in public health

Drugs for the poor: Panel asks States to emulate TN model

The road to good health

Here's how UPA can seduce the aam admi

Getting the basics right

Dream-health test for govt

Panel for 'flexible' health funds to states

Pharma FDI: Panel for urgent reversal

Public sector spending on healthcare to double in 12th Plan

India hopes to achieve WHO's doctor-people ratio by 2028

Panel for guaranteed health coverage for all

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